Children who can eat should eat miscellaneous food

“Five grains for health, adapt to four o’clock” health promotion activities launched in Wanjia recently launched in Beijing.

Yihai Kerry Group and the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine jointly popularize the concept of healthy health and culture of health foods.

  It was considered by the previous generation that the healthy corn and cobs, millet porridge and other healthy cereals no longer meet the appetite of modern children.

In this way, Chen Yanjia, president of the Wangjing Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, believes that healthy tastes need to be cultivated from an early age, and more miscellaneous grains should be added to children’s recipes.

  Chinese medicine experts “grains are supported”, indicating that grains and cereals are the cornerstone of a healthy diet.

Many people worry that children ‘s digestive function is not perfect, and they ca n’t eat miscellaneous grains. Chen Luojia does n’t think so: “Generally speaking, children who can eat can eat some miscellaneous grains appropriately. They can cook easily digestible porridge or thick soup.
“The choice of miscellaneous grains should also be as mixed as possible.

Chen Jiajia told reporters that the traditional Chinese Babao porridge is a good way to eat miscellaneous grains. It contains lotus seeds that strengthen the spleen, red dates that nourish blood, glutinous rice that nourishes the spleen, and barley kernel rice. They are very nutritious and children are willing to accept them.