Oily muscle mixed muscle perfect oil control plan

In your consciousness, summer is synonymous with shine.

And forever, oily skin and mixed skin, which are suffering from strong oil secretion, will always be embarrassed by dry skin.

If you want to spend a refreshing summer, oil control is naturally an urgent task.

Now, let’s find out the key points of oil control for all skin types!

  From the T word, apply the right medicine to the mixed skin: From the T word, the “medicine” oil control area: the T word, under the lips.

  Oil control strategy: Use the T-shaped part to remove luster products every day. If the jaw is also easy to produce oil, you can use it together.

  Oil control weapons: mild cleaning products.

Cleansing is the first step in conditioning shine, but products that are too clean make the skin dry, and in order to regulate the oil content, the pores will secrete more oil and form a vicious circle.

  Recommended products: Shiseido Youlai Watery Brightening Cleansing Cream, LUQI Lu Qian Er amino acid weak acid cleansing cream, 婵 真 Ginkgo facial cleanser T-shaped special conditioning gel “combination” Do not forget the foundation of cleansing, lotion, lotionT-shaped conditioning products are added during maintenance. These products can maintain a continuous refreshing effect for 8-12 hours, and can avoid T-shaped oil and floating powder problems.

  Recommended products: Biotherm Cleansing T-Part Conditioning Essence, Clinique T-Shape Degreasing Gel.

  Special reminder: ◎ The oily output is highly keratinous, so the T-shaped part needs to be properly exfoliated.

  ◎ According to personal needs, you may wish to add a T-shaped mask in the weekly maintenance work for conditioning.

  ◎ When you discover that your skin has become dry due to dryness, don’t forget the moisturizing work of your two toes.

  Enhanced cleansing and conditioning of pores and oily skin: enhanced cleansing and conditioning of pores and oil control area: the entire face is an oily area that needs defense, the focus is divided into 4 major defense areas: forehead, nose, chin, cheeks.

  Oil control strategy: ◎ Need to strengthen the cleaning products to take away the shine, and avoid the accumulation of old waste cuticles.

  ◎ Use full-face degreasing products to solve oily skin leakage.

  ◎ The oil outlet is aimed at the pores that are clogged and cause pores to become large and loose. Use pore tightening products to improve the rough skin caused by large pores.

  Oil Control Weapons: Enhanced cleaning products.

Choose a cleaning product that can effectively remove the remaining sebum dirt, especially oily skin, pay special attention.

  The full-face oily conditioning gel for the oily conditioning is also the best weapon for “oily” MM to be perfect all day long. In addition to being easy to use, maintaining freshness, and helping to make makeup lasting.

  Recommended products: L’Oreal Water Fresh All-day Moisturizing Gel Pore Tightening Conditioning Gel The abnormal oil secretion will expand the pores, and the biggest function of pore compacting gel is to clean the pores and regulate the shine, only the normal secretion of oil canWorks to restore fineness and elasticity of pores.

  Recommended product: Estee Lauder Perfect Rejuvenating Serum, a conditioning mask that improves pore oil out of balance.

A luminous soothing mask once or twice a week makes your skin hydrated and non-greasy.

  Special reminder: ◎ some pore conditioning lotion due to inherent salicylic acid, the MM of sensitive skin will be slightly tingling when used for the first time, pay attention to whether there is any discomfort.

  ◎ If you have inflamed acne, avoid using peeling mask.

  ◎ You should decide whether to use luster conditioning and pore tightening products at the same time according to your personal situation.

  Recommended products: Helena Double Oily Conditioning Mask, Biotherm Cleansing Conditioning Mask