How to properly remove blackheads to keep you away from stubborn little blackheads

There are endless ways to remove blackheads. Which methods are correct and effective may be replaced by many people. So how to effectively remove blackheads?

Let’s take a look at the specific method together today.

  1. The difference between mild blackheads and moderate blackheads from washing your face is not great. Whether it is mild or moderate blackheads, you must consider washing your face.

You can use soap water or alcohol solution to scrub the blue cloth. This will also remove some blackheads, especially mild blackheads.

  2. After facial cleansing with shrink pore water, you can use astringent water or pore-shrinking water emulsion. This type of product can temporarily tighten the expanded pores and have moisturizing effect.

It is recommended to choose astringent water with a low alcohol content, which can reduce the irritation to the skin. After the blackhead is squeezed, the “hole” is relatively large. Take more astringent water!

  3. In addition to using astringent water on the face, it is best to pair it with ice. This is the most healthy and effective method.

Our skin will shrink after being cold-stimulated. It is best to apply ice after squeezing blackheads, which is very beneficial for firming pores.

Especially after the blackheads are squeezed, the skin becomes red and swollen, which can be immediately resolved with ice.

Tip: If you want to shrink your pores on your face, stick to a certain part of the ice every day to permanently shrink your pores!

But this method takes a long time.

  4. Steam bath or wet hot compress For moderate blackheads, it is best to perform a hot compress or steam bath on the face before removing blackheads. This can open the pores and is more conducive to removing blackheads.

But the hand or other tools used to squeeze blackheads should be disinfected at the same time, otherwise it is easy to be infected with bacteria.

Also don’t let sebaceous glands cause inflammation or blockage, which can easily cause acne.

Tip: For oily skin, it is recommended to wipe off the blackheads with a disinfectant solution to avoid infection and ease.

  5. Wash your face with salt water If you have oily skin, you can use soap foam and salt to scrub your face together; for dry skin, you can apply oily body cream or body oil before washing your face with salt water.

Tip: It’s best not to go too many times on the face, and it’s best to go up to three times a week. Blackheads are usually once every two or three days.

  6, apply hydrating nose patches generally blackheads are grown on the nose, and rarely on the face.

After squeezing the blackheads on the nose, you can use the hydrating nose patch to “repair”.

The astringent water only temporarily tightens the pores and does not fundamentally solve the problem of enlarged pores. Using a hydrating nose patch is more beneficial to the recovery of nose skin and pores!

  7, clean the face after squeezing, I believe that some lazy girls are directly aimed at the blackheads after squeezing, wash the squeezed blackheads directly with water and dry them, this is really not worth the skin!

(In fact, Xiaobian is like this, haha!

So the pores are really getting bigger!

) The correct way is to squeeze out blackheads, and you must use a mild facial cleanser to clean your face?
But you should n’t wash your face with facial cleansers too many times a day, it ‘s better to squeeze your black head before and after washing your face?