10 tips to help you get rid of crow’s feet

What should I do if I am young and have crow’s feet?

How to effectively reduce crow’s feet?

Only by reducing the appearance of fine lines can we ensure youthfulness. Let’s take a look at the specific methods together.

  1. Eat more collagen. Collagen has the effect of storing water and increasing skin elasticity. Eating more foods containing collagen can keep the skin cells around the eyes hydrated, keep the cells plump at all times, and the skin will become elastic.Disappeared.

  2. Strengthen the moisturization of the eyes Winter skin becomes dry and more sensitive, especially the fragile eye skin, need more care, strengthen the moisturization of the eyes, use eye cream with good moisturizing effect to nourish the eye area, increase skin moistureTo reduce and eliminate crow’s feet.

  3. Choosing the right eye cream Eye cream is an eye care product that should be used throughout the year, but because the skin on the eyes is fragile and the skin texture of each person is different, you should choose the right eye cream when choosing an eye cream and try to chooseEye cream containing no oil, vitamin E or natural plants can better care the skin around the eyes, make the skin around the eyes firm and elastic, and the crow’s feet will naturally slip away.

  4. Using eye essence, the skin around the eyes is the easiest to dry. When the eyes are dehydrated, fine lines will appear on the corners of the eyes and under the eyes. If it is not rescued in time, it will become permanent wrinkles, which is difficult to remove!

To remove these fine lines, eye essence is indispensable. Use a tap to let the skin absorb the essence and avoid excessive pulling, which will deepen the lines.

  5, with essence oil massage often give eye massage to promote blood circulation, so as to effectively eliminate crow’s feet wrinkles, with essence oil massage, the effect is more pronounced, when the corner of the eye massage, focus on the use of V-shaped gestures, first apply essence oil, and thenSeparate the middle finger from the ring finger, and open the corners of the eyes horizontally. Finally, use your right ring finger and middle finger to draw a circle to promote the absorption of the essential oil.

  6, massage care skin around the eyes is very fragile, daily massage can promote blood circulation, reduce wrinkles and dark circles and other problems, the massage method is very simple, put one hand on the temple, the other hand from the outer corner to the inner cornerPerform spiral massage, massage 2 times a day, and repeat 5 times each time.

  7, botulinum toxins to the crow’s feet Botox is a common medical beauty method used by many girls, mainly using a syringe to inject the botulinum to the eyebrow tip to the eye 2.

At 5 centimeters, stop the muscles from contracting, and the boots smooth the muscles and smooth crow’s feet.

Advantages: no injection, no surgery, no recovery period, no trauma.

  8. Controlling expressions Usually people who like to laugh or have too many expressions are most likely to have crow’s feet. Although it does make people feel kind, it ‘s important to pay attention to laughter in order to stay young.Let yourself make too many exaggerated expressions.

  9. Eye massage Eye massage can effectively promote blood circulation. Massage the skin around the eyes can not only prevent eye lines, but also improve dark circles under the eyes.

First place one hand on the temple, then use the other hand to do a spiral massage from the outer corner to the inner corner, while moving to the inner corner while massaging, insist for three minutes each time.

  10. Do not pull the eye skin vigorously. Many people will pull the skin vigorously and rub the skin during the skin care process. I do n’t know that this kind of skin will hurt the skin, especially the eye skin is particularly fragile. If you do n’t pay attention, it will cause wrinkles or drooping eyes.So, always care for your skin, remember to maintain the proper intensity and not use excessive force.