Solve the problem of coarse pores from the root

Some bad habits in life can easily cause skin problems, the most common of which is the phenomenon of large pores. If these bad habits are not changed, trying to overcome skin care products to solve the problem will not have obvious effects. It is necessary to solve the pores.For big problems, we need to start from the root and find out the roots, in order to be completely and thoroughly troubled. The following editors will take you to find out which aspects lead to the large pores!

  I. Irregular life stays up late, the season changes and the effects of hormones, resulting in abnormal keratin metabolism rate. Thick horny keratin deposits around the pores will make the pores rough, but also easily overlapped, leading to the formation of blackheads, whiteheads, andGradually enlarge the inside of the pores.

This phenomenon is most likely to occur on the forehead, nose, and both cheeks.

  Second, the dry cuticle Once the cuticle is saturated with water, it will swell up like a sponge that absorbs water, and the cells around the pores will be filled with water and swell, and the pores will naturally become inconspicuous; otherwise, the skin surface will be dehydratedThe cuticle will appear dry and rough, and the pores will become more visible.

Poor skin moisturization, in addition to making the skin look rough and enlarged pores, will make the skin dull and dull.

  Third, smoking is also the cause of large pores. When you enjoy the floating feeling of swallowing clouds and smoke, cigarettes make your blood vessels constrict, blood circulation slows down, and nutrients cannot be smoothly delivered to skin cells. Therefore, dryness and early agingWhen you report, your face will sag naturally and your pores will expand.

  Fourth, the severely exacerbated skin causes enlarged pores. As the age increases, blood circulation gradually becomes smooth, and the subcutaneous tissue assistant layer of the skin is also easy to reduce and lacks elasticity. If there is no sufficient maintenance and care, the benefit shape will accelerate and the pores will deteriorate.Naturally, it is also expanding.

  Fifth, capillary pore dirt on the pores of the pores splits, causing the pores to enlarge the skin, and the basal layer of the epidermis continuously creates cells and transports them to the upper layer. After the cells age, they generally fall off naturally.

However, those with fissures in their pores will not have smooth skin metabolism and will not be able to shift as scheduled, resulting in enlarged pores.

  6. Squeezing facial blister, excessive acne squeezing causes excessive sebum accumulation in the sebaceous sac, and the pores are divided by dirt, it is easy to produce pyogenic bacteria, and the hair follicles are prone to inflammation, causing acne and acne.

If the facial blister and acne are excessively squeezed again, the epidermis will be ruptured. Once the dermis is injured, and the skin lacks the regeneration function, it will be difficult to generate new cells, leaving bumps and scars, making the pores coarse.

Applying irritating cosmetics and creams for a long time, using strong or astringent lotion, strong creams, anti-inflammatory water will cause more pore complication, and oil will not be excreted. For example, sterilization and proper care will increaseSeriously, the pores will become larger.

  7. Infection with parasites. After helminth infection, the parasites are in places with rich sebaceous glands in the skin. At night, the parasites creep and crawl to the hair follicle mouth to mate and lay eggs. As the parasites come in and out of the hair follicle mouth every day, over timePore irritation is also a cause of enlarged pores.