[How to make ice cream and milk tea?

]_Ice Cream_How to do it

When it comes to ice cream, this kind of food is a kind of leisure food that people like to eat, because it is cold and naturally cannot be eaten as a meal.

In addition, many friends have very special physical conditions, so they are not suitable for ice cream, especially women during menstrual periods, must refuse to eat such foods.

So the question is, how to make ice cream milk tea?

Main ingredients: Other feed: Drink a cup of ice cream milk tea, which is cool and comfortable, and can be used throughout.

Black tea bag 1 bag of honey (honey food) 1 tablespoon (15ml) ice cubes 1/2 cup vanilla ice cream 1 ball of hot water. Open the black tea bag, remove the tea bag, slowly add honey to the black tea, stir well, and allow to cool naturally.

Prepare half a cup of ice cubes and pour the cold tea with honey into the ice cube cup until it is full.

Add a large ball of vanilla ice cream to the iced black tea.

Garnish the mouth of the cup with vanilla leaves.

7 tricks to teach you to buy ice cream: 1.

The raw materials and technology of ice cream are sometimes very different. When buying, consumers must first check whether the manufacturer is marked on the packaging.


Whether the ice cream is stored intact in a freezer below -18 ° C.


Whether the outer packaging is intact, whether there is penetration or defect, otherwise it will cause secondary pollution such as microorganisms.


Whether the expiration date of the product is within the expected date of consumption, etc.


Shop for cold drinks without greed “color”!

The brighter the color of the colorful sorbet, the more pigment is added, and it should be kept away when buying.


Finally, you need to see if the shape of the product has changed. If it is deformed, it may be caused by the temperature of the product during transportation or storage, and then the product will be frozen and frozen again. This may also cause the proliferation of microorganismsAnd exceeding the standard, and the taste will be worse.


Consumers are advised to choose the products of big-name enterprises first when purchasing, because their quality is guaranteed.