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Ginseng is a perennial herb. In some places, ginseng is recognized as a very precious medicinal material. Especially in Northeast China, ginseng is the most famous and the price is very expensive. This is because ginseng has a lot of human health.For example, it is good for the nervous system, has anti-fatigue effect, and is good for the cardiovascular system of people, etc., can it be eaten with ginseng stewed pork ribs?

Can ginseng stew pork ribs?
You can add some ginseng when you stew pork ribs, but it is not recommended to add too much. It should be moderate. Ginseng is a big supplement. You can’t eat too much at one time.

Ginseng is not suitable for eating with radish, ginseng supplements qi, and radish. The two functions have opposite effects, so it is not recommended to take them together, so as not to reduce the food effect of each other.


The practice of ginseng pork rib soup 1 first boil the ribs in boiling water for three minutes to remove the blood foam, while washing the ginseng, 2 change the pot to fresh water, turn on the fire, add the ribs, 3 turn to low heat after the water is boiling, put ginseng, 4Five wolfberries, one red date, five soaked lotus seeds, and a drop of white vinegar; For about thirty-five minutes, cease the fire, add salt, and add a little white pepper.

All right!


Ginseng whisk ribs and green vegetable soup: Ingredients: 250 grams of pork keel, 200 grams of Qingjiang vegetables, 1 ginseng bee, “seasoning” rice wine in proper amount, “seasoning” salt method 1, washing pig keel, Sichuan hot spare.

Wash the Qingjiang dishes, and use Sichuan for spares.

2. The ginseng must be quickly washed off the surface impurities with water for future use.

3. Add the ribs and ginseng to the stew pot, cover the surface of the ingredients with water, and boil over high heat and simmer over low heat.

4, add a little rice wine, season with salt, and finally add Qingjiang vegetables.

Korean ginseng chicken soup: Ingredients: 10 red dates, a small amount of pine nuts, 8 chestnuts, an appropriate amount of long glutinous rice, 1 child chicken, 1 stick of mandarin, 2 toothpicks, an appropriate amount of water, salt and salt, 3 tablespoons of rice wine1.

Take 5 red dates, pine nuts, chestnuts and long glutinous rice into the chicken belly, and finally put in the mandarin duck, and then use a toothpick to fix it from the end of the chicken.


Take a stew pot, add the chicken of method 1 into the stew pot, fill it with water, red dates and all the seasonings, and seal a layer of cling film on the mouth of the stew pot.


Put it in a steamer and steam for 3 hours on medium heat. Then take it out.