Quickly transform into hydrating muscles in just five steps in the morning

The most important and effective way to accelerate skin dryness is to strengthen the moisturizing.

If you practice the following “morning beauty” step by step for dry skin, the skin will become much moist!

  Step 1: Cleansing towel and face washing method The towels mentioned here refer to towel puff for washing face, silk puff and so on.

When you feel the skin is rough, astringent and not smooth, especially when there are complications such as white acne, pores, gently rub the skin with a towel, remove the soft cuticle on the skin surface, remove dandruff, acne, oil,Because these dead things can’t be removed simply by washing your face with the palm of your hand.

  Step 2: Moisturizing lotion Use a moisturizing lotion within 3 minutes after cleansing. The lotion is a moisturizing skin care product that is used to moisturize horny skin after cleansing.

  It is better to choose a product that is easy to use and strong in moisturizing. The most important thing is to spray immediately after cleansing.

  Step3: Emulsion, emollient oil locks moisture and does not disperse. The oil supply is indispensable. The skin is dry, and often immediately think of “hydration”, but the water that is replenished will slowly evaporate, so it is impossible to maintain skinMoist all day.

And lotions and emollient oils can play a “water lock” role.

At the same time, the skin’s own water-locking function can also be strengthened to improve the skin’s moisturization. The morning is the best time to “oil”.

  Step4: Use lotion twice to improve moisturizing effect. After applying moisturizing lotion, use skin water again.

Because for people with dry skin, one moisturizing treatment cannot get enough water.

In the morning, the first hydration has been completely absorbed by the skin, which becomes a void that cannot be covered by makeup.

Therefore, two separate hydration treatments are effective, and you can use this method repeatedly according to the condition of the skin.

  Step5: When doing sun protection and absorption of sunscreen, you must gently wipe the sunscreen. Do not apply excessive force. The effect of the sunscreen is reduced by 25%; the thickness of the application should be noted that each time there is 1-2mlThe amount used is only effective, and generally, when people use sunscreens, they usually cannot reach such a thickness, so it will cause the sunscreens not to have sufficient defense ability, and must be replenished after 15-30 minutes of exposure to the sunApply sunscreen and replenish it every 2-3 hours.