Don’t turn on too bright lights when you go home overtime at night?


The reason for not turning on too many lights is simple.

First, avoid direct rays of light on the fluorescent screen and produce interference rays, making your eyes more laborious.

Second, save energy.

Three, one lamp is enough.

  For those who work overtime or work at night, the consequences of turning on a lot of lights are even more amazing. At night, when the human body produces melatonin at its peak, long-term exposure to artificial light will cause a dramatic reduction in melatonin. For womenIn other words, it will increase the chance of inducing hypertension.

Of course, don’t turn on the lights, you’ll break your eyes, and try to put yourself in a comfortable and simple environment.


Use less eye drops. Now who doesn’t have any eye drops, when the eyes hurt, we can deal with them for a while.

However, keep in mind that eye drops should be used less, because eye drops usually contain a small amount of preservatives, and old use will damage the cornea and conjunctiva. Besides, long-term use of the eye will produce too much, and its normal tear secretion function willDegradation.

Long-term use of antibiotic eye drops may cause disorders in the normal conjunctival sac and cause drug resistance in the eyes. Once an eye infection occurs, it is not easy to cure.

  Looking out the window, watching the white clouds, watching the plants, closing your eyes and daydreaming, think about what makes you the happiest, relax your eyes, and keep yourself more and more away from chemicals.


When you are not facing the computer when you are facing it, it is best to find the most comfortable position first. The distance between the eyes and the screen should be 40-50 cm, so that the eyes are looking up or gently looking down at the fluorescent screen, so that the muscles are relaxed.Align the eyeball to the lowest exposed area.

Of course, just walk away and rest for a while, just keep your eyes closed for 1 minute.

One is to rest your eyes, and the other is to ease your tension.

  Don’t follow the computer, you can’t.

You can also wash your face. You must know that the computer screen can have a lot of static electricity. The accumulated dust can be transmitted to the bare skin of the face and hands. Over time, it is prone to spot rashes, pigmentation, and even severe cases can causeRingworm of the skin.

Usually, pay attention to eat carrots, tomatoes and other vitamin A, C and protein foods.


Every move is simple, just don’t sit still.

Sitting old is the most harmful, which can cause scoliosis, which may worsen bone hyperplasia and disc herniation.

Find someone who has no one or has a thick skin. Everyone will do exercise. In the first quarter, expand the chest, with your feet open and shoulder width.

Stretch your hands flat, exhale deeply, and exhale shallowly, making the detoxification function of the heart blood smoother.

In the second quarter, raise your hands and step forward with your right foot.

  Inhale deeply and slowly raise your hands to the top of your head.

Tilt your head and neck back, and slowly lower your hands parallel to your shoulders.

It can enhance the villus motility of the small intestine wall and eliminate bowel movements in the large intestine.

The third quarter, contraction exercise, exhale deeply, slowly raise your hands to the top of your head, tilt your head and neck back, and extend your hands parallel to your shoulders.

Slowly lay down to the waist and close your right foot.

Enhance the internal massage of the internal organs and stimulate metabolism.


Get off one stop in advance to get home from work, get off one stop in advance and find yourself some opportunities to walk and walk.

Or go home without taking the elevator and climb the stairs.

Psychologically, don’t hurry to work, relax, slow down, eat slowly, walk slowly, take a bath slowly, get up early every day, watch less TV, take a walk after lunch, connect the Internet, onlyCheck EMAIL once, turn off the phone, and do one less thing each day than the day before.

You will find an increasingly relaxed mood outside of work, so this relaxation is brought to life.

  Do you always have to face your computer?

This will make you very tired. Here are 5 ways to effectively combat the fatigue caused by the computer.