Small ways to treat chronic pharyngitis

As the saying goes, “Sickness is like silk”.

Chronic pharyngitis should be treated patiently and lastingly. Simple steam inhalation can be used at home: ① Use a large open cup filled with boiling water, and use a towel to surround the mouth, nose and cup to prevent steam from flowing out.

Open your mouth and exhale deeply, and inhale the steam into the respiratory tract.

  ② In order to improve the effect of steam inhalation, a small alcohol stove can be placed. A small pot of boiling water is burned on the top. The mouth of the spout is covered with a large cloth. At the same time, the mouth and nose are put into the large cloth pocket. Take a deep breath and inhale the steam.

But be careful: don’t put your nose and mouth close to the spout to avoid burns.

  ③ The female beauty sprayer at home can be used to heat the water tank. After the hot air is sprayed, aim at the mouth for suction.

  The above steam inhalation treatment is generally performed twice a day for 10 minutes each time.

This can make the throat moist and increase the comfort; reduce sputum and make sputum easy to cough; the symptoms of cough will also be significantly reduced.

  People with chronic pharyngitis who have not been cured for a long time, especially those who are older, should be alert to the possibility of tumor growth.