Five black hands make you fail to moisturize

The category of moisturizing products seems to be the role of skin care. After we bought it without hesitation, we were miserable by Waterloo.

What exactly caused the failure of moisturizing?

How to make the best use of moisturizing products?

Let’s find the black hands behind the scenes!

  5 top moisturizing black hands make you fail to replenish. Why choose the wrong cleansing product? Reason: The ideal cleaning is “decontamination, oil removal without losing water.”

Excessive cleansing alkaline cleansing products can lead to dryness and dehydration of sensitive skin.

  Coping method: Many people are not very accustomed to using non-foaming lotion-like cleansers, and they always feel that they are not clean, but after practice, this cleansing product is usually weakly acidic and can help the skin retain the sebum film.

  There is no reason to remove keratin: In winter, the skin’s metabolism slows down, and old keratin gradually accumulates, blocking the penetration of skin care products like a wall. It can be imagined that absorbing more moisturizing products is also futile.

  Coping method: The moisturizing lotion is generally slightly alkaline and PH. Softening the stratum corneum by adding a small amount of organic alkali can help the skin to expedite the removal of old dead cells, while also having a mild astringent effect and moisturizing effect.

So after cleansing the face and before absorbing the moisturizer, gently pat the face with a cotton pad moistened with lotion until it is completely absorbed.

  Forget the reason for oil replenishment: While moisturizing, it is often easy to ignore the oil replenishment step.

Because grease acts as a barrier against moisture, if this layer of protective film disappears, moisture will soon be dried by the outside environment.

  Coping method: In fact, it is very simple, replace the moisturizing emulsion with a moisturizing “cream”.

But how do you know that you belong to the skin that needs oil?

Do not wipe any skin care products within 5 minutes after washing your face, and then gently insert the T-shaped part with an oil-absorbing tissue. If no oil is seen on the top, it means that your skin is in a state of lack of oil.

  Make-up “eats” the reason for the moisture: The previous moisturizing care was done well. After applying foundation and makeup, the sulfuric acid appeared dry lines, especially the lips that had been squeezed by the lipstick were dry and peeling.

The reason is that most make-up products contain alcohol, fruit acid and phenol to avoid discoloration. These chemical ingredients will absorb moisture from the skin and destroy the previous treatment once.

  Coping method: In addition to using a cream before makeup and using some moisturizing make-up, you should also choose some moisturizers that can be used on make-up when dry to replenish the lost moisture in time.

  The reason the ambient temperature is too low: In the winter, the blood circulation on the face of many girls becomes worse, which is one of the reasons that causes the skin’s absorption capacity to decrease.

To re-invigorate the “appetite” of the skin, you must increase the temperature of the moisturizer and apply a facial massage.

  Coping method: Put an appropriate amount of cream on your fingertips and gently rub it with the temperature of your hand, after which you will obviously feel the cream becomes soft and light.

If combined with a circular massage for 2-5 minutes, the skin can better absorb the moisture in the product.