Critical 20-year investment veteran looks at the market: structural market will be the main line in the near future

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  On the first trading day of the Year of the Rat, stocks “squat” nearly 8% due to market sentiment. However, during the seven trading days since then, the Shanghai Index has rebounded continuously.

All the mainstream indexes staged a “down-up-up-up-up-up-up-up-up-up” trend, which made investors “return blood” a lot.

  At this critical moment, a number of “heavy-weight” investment veterans with 20 years of experience in the fund industry have chosen to issue new products, and the “explosion” has continued.

According to relevant sources, the Yongying Technology-driven Hybrid Fund issued today has sold 6 billion yuan in just half a day.

  How do these investment veterans view the rebound of A shares?

Where are the long-term investment opportunities for A shares?

  A number of “Bank of Communications” heavyweight players went into battle on January 22 this year. Chen Guangming’s Ruiyuan Fund issued an announcement saying that Ruiyuan’s balanced three-year holding of mixed funds managed by investment veteran Zhao Feng will start from 2 years ago.It will be publicly available from the 18th, and the initial fundraising scale is limited to 6 billion yuan.

  According to the data, Zhao Feng entered the public fundraising industry in 1999. He used to be an analyst of Penghua Fund, a fund manager of Rongtong Fund, a fund manager of Bank of Communications Schroder Fund, and a general manager of the special account investment department. In 2014, he established a private equity fund as an investment manager and managed it.The research team is now back to public offerings.

  Coincidentally, the Bodao Fund will be launched on February 24. The Bodao Jiayuan hybrid will be led by Zhang Yingjun, a veteran with 20 years of experience.

It is understood that Zhang Yingjun has 16 years of portfolio investment management experience. His most important public portfolio management experience comes from Bank of Communications Schroder Funds. His representative products during his tenure were Bank of Communications Advantage Industry Fund and Bank of Communications regular payment double interest balance fund.

  In addition, the Yongying Technology-driven Hybrid Fund issued by Yongying Fund today is also headed by senior fund manager Li Yongxing.

Public information shows that Li Yongxing was an analyst, fund manager and investment director of Jiutai Fund Management Co., Ltd. of Bank of Communications Schroder Fund Management Co., Ltd.

  It is obvious that the above three heavyweight players entered the Bank of Communications Schroder Fund. They have long experience in the industry, stable performance and strict and perfect investment logic.

  Where are the long-term investment opportunities for A shares?

  Zhang Yingjun believes that the structural market will still be the main line of market investment for a long time to come.

He suggested to focus on the following main structural market lines: based on 5G and post-cycle, “new infrastructure” industries such as cloud computing, semiconductors and chips; industry leading companies with 无锡夜网 inflection points in excess capacity; new energy automobile industry chain and opportunities for repair of underestimated sector variables.

  As for the main investment future of A shares, Li Yongxing said that big technology deserves attention.

In his view, the technology industry not only stays in the TMT industry, but also includes industries that the entire industry can further promote in the context of technology upgrades, such as high-end manufacturing and the biomedical industry with a high dependence on technology.

  Li Yongxing said that firstly, driven by 5G, the TMT industry will enter a new upward cycle, and in the next two or three years, the prosperity of the entire industry will continue to rise; secondly, although the high-end equipment industry performed poorly last year,Branches are still continuously improving R & D and technical capabilities, and the entire industry is growing. Finally, relevant policies are continuously encouraged to reduce the price of generic drugs, and to promote the development of innovative drugs. Quality companies with strong R & D capabilities in the biomedical industry also have a broadProspects for growth.