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[Can Xiaomi and Black Rice be cooked together?
]_ Recommended diet

Millet and black rice are two kinds of coarse grains that we often see in markets and supermarkets. Although they are not as delicious as rice, they have a much higher nutritional value than rice, so manyPeople especially like to eat these two kinds of rice.

So some people have such a question: Since Xiaomi and black rice are very beneficial to human health, can they be cooked together?

First, can Xiaomi and Black Rice be cooked together?

In fact, millet and black rice can be put together for porridge. Putting porridge together will not destroy each other’s nutritional elements, but will also lead to their complementary effects and make the body’s supplementary nutrients more balanced.

However, it should be noted that black rice is more comfortable than black rice. If it is cooked with Xiaomi, it is best to soak the black rice several hours in advance.

Second, the specific method of porridge millet and black rice 1, the ingredients are the right amount of millet, the right amount of black rice, the right amount of rice, the thickness of rock sugar 2, production method 1) first prepare the above ingredients.

2) After cleaning the three types of rice, millet and black rice, put them in a pot and soak them in water for about 3 hours.

3) Wash the soaked rice with water.

4) Add the cleaned rice to the rice cooker together with the prepared rock sugar, add an appropriate amount of water, cover the lid and start cooking.

5) After 20 minutes, if the rice cooker starts to heat up, you must quickly lift the cover to avoid the situation of overflowing the pot.

6) When cooking for about 40 minutes, if the porridge in the rice cooker has thick soup and small bubbles appear, then the porridge is almost cooked. At this time, the rice cooker’s rice cooking key should be replaced with a heat preservation key and covered.The upper layer is ready to eat after about 2 hours.