Deep hydration moisturizes skin and whitens quickly

Many MMs know that a white can be three ugly, and they all want to be whiter and whiter.

However, many MMs have tried their best to do their utmost to find that their own is not very white, it seems that they are always missing something.

So the MMs wondered, is it because their whitening products are not good?

Is it that you did it wrong?

Now I will come to reveal the fog for you.

In fact, if you want to whiten, you must first complete the important moment of hydration!

Let the skin “drink enough” water to make the skin healthy, so that whitening can be better achieved!


1: Oily skin deep moisturizing and whitening scheme Oily skin dehydration Appearance: It can not be more suitable to describe with a shiny surface, especially a pair of nose wings, and pores are also relatively large.

  Deep moisturizing and whitening countermeasures: Thorough cleaning and moisturizing is the basis for correct skin care for oily skin.

When choosing a moisturizing product, it is best to choose a product that is clean and refreshing, does not contain oil, and also has a high moisturizing effect.

With a highly hydrophilic oil-controlling emulsion, moisturizing gel, spray mineral water or lotion, and then spread evenly with moisturizing gel. Products containing tea tree oil can remove excess oil on the surface of the skin to achieve anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and acne treatment effects.


2: Combination skin deep moisturizing and whitening scheme Mixed skin dehydration appearance: The face is slender and dry, and the T area and the sides of the nose are more than oily. The mixed skin condition makes the skin more difficult to care for, and it is more prone to dehydration.Dark yellow condition.

  Deep skin hydration and whitening countermeasures for mixed skin: It is important to pay attention to the thorough cleansing of the skin. Do not clean the cheeks because of the dryness of the cheeks. Only after thorough cleaning can you thoroughly wash away T and the excess oil on the nose.

After thoroughly cleaning, choose a hydrating product for deep hydration.

To achieve better results.


3: Dry skin deep moisturizing and whitening scheme Dry skin dry / sensitive skin dehydration Appearance: The skin feels dry and tight, and it is easy to get dandruff, allergies, small red rashes, andMany small fine lines are distributed around the eyes.

  Deep hydration and whitening countermeasures: After washing your face, you should apply a moisturizing lotion containing moisturizing formulas such as hyaluronic acid and plant extracts to reduce the moisture in the cuticle of dry skin and fine cracks that are easy to appear on the skin.It is necessary to supplement the oil properly and replace the lipophilic moisturizing products, that is, the product is highly hydrated but not greasy, so as not to increase the burden of oil on the skin.