Seven types of derailment in post-70s men

I. Seeking irritating This type of post-70s married man is easy to lose direction on the road to love, and likes to constantly seek passion to find his own existence, so seeking passion has become a part of his emotional life, facing multiple conflicts in marriage.At that time, when it was difficult to solve the problem, I always liked to use this extreme method to solve the problem. As a result, after I changed a new one, I learned it through life, and I needed to replace it with an updated object.I ca n’t find my own feeling in exchange, and this method is the most common and common type.

  Second, to evade the reality. When most of the post-70s men faced marriage, in the context of the time, they did not love because of love, but because of the needs of their parents and the needs of their families.After going through the love process, the comprehensive length of relatives and friends is also required. As a result, those who marry at home are not their favorite, so when facing reality, they can only choose to escape, and the result of this escape is often to seek flowers.Find the true feelings that belong to you. Even if you have a cocoon at home, you must make the lovers outside as ox hair.

  Third, when freeing from the constraints of Chinese men’s estimates and facing marriage, they always base their sustenance and feelings on an unscientific argument. As a result, they often cause a lot of misunderstandings and contradictions.Men have perfected their marriage and love because of the stories of “A Dream of Red Mansions”, “Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai”, “White Snake Biography”, and “Dongyong Seven Fairies”. As a result, they have infinite possibilities before entering the siege of marriage.Sexual fantasies, after entering the siege of marriage, found that there is still one step away from their dreams, and the result can only be derailed in order to break out of this bondage.

  Fourth, there are people who are catching up with fashionable people, and I should have them. If not, they will be laughed at as old-fashioned.

The social atmosphere has also caused many such misunderstandings. It is considered that a man’s derailment is a great event. Many successful people in the business always like to show off their lover in front of brothers and friends. There are many databases.The “glorious” thing is regarded as the capital of their own success. The most important thing is that many women and men are dismissive when faced with this kind of show-off. As a result, a vicious circle is formed, and you follow me to derail.

  Fifth, many people like old and new think that young people are the most powerful in this area, but in the face of the old and the young, the post-70s men are no weaker in this respect than the young people. Post-70s men like to camouflage themselves., The result is often sullen players, especially in the face of marriage, always habitual self-protection, will not show the truest part of his heart to the public, but caused a lotThe real problem could not be solved, and as a result, a part of his wife’s heart became lower and lower, and there was no way to explain that he could only find the empty part of the heart of a new woman to comfort himself.

  Six, post-70s men who are difficult to control themselves can face many unusual tests because of their different environments, especially when facing passion and temptation, they tend to lose their direction, and even donate their bodies inadvertently after drinking.I do n’t even bother with and consider returning home to pay rations. This kind of difficult self-control is the most true expression of emotion, and this expression of emotion is particularly true and intuitive. Whoever seduces me, I am satisfiedWho, no doubt, this type of man likes busty women most, because when there is no choice, he can only make the most intuitive choice.

  Seven, impulsive punishment type is easy to get angry, easy to get angry, and easy to express their inner impulses in the most extreme way. This type of post-70s married men will not lightly fall in love with a woman, but face the mostWhen a woman in love irritates her body, their only way is to vent, thinking that only this most impulsive way is the only way and tool to punish his wife, and only then can he prove that he has the ability, andUse actual action to confirm.

This kind of post-70s man is the type who has the least ability to think and has no brain. He often uses impulse to punish his wife, but as a result, he is most injured.