27 children’s voices parents must know

As a parent, do you know what children are thinking about writing?

Do you know what the child really thinks?

Listen to your child’s voice from now on?

  1. If you feel that your child is better than me, let him or her be your child. Why do you always compare me with others? “Mom, I know you are worried about my studies, but you cannot be oldForce me to breathe, so I will learn once and forget once.

“3,” Mom, I want to go to school by myself. I don’t want you to pick up and drop off. You always send me to school, which makes me feel ashamed in class.

If one picks you up and is always under your care, what should I do when I grow up?

“4,” Every time my mother scolds me stupid pig, my angry teeth will be lost. This makes me feel very stupid. Like pigs, I hope my mother will not scold me anymore. “5,” Daddy, please take 25%Gentleness + 75% sternness becomes 100% tenderness?

“6,” Dear Mom and Dad, I love you and complain about you.

What loves you is that I care about my growth, and what hates you is why it is sometimes unreasonable.

“7, I still want to tell you (mum): I am a child after all, and children’s interests are multi-faceted. Are you happy when you die?

You also walked step by step from your childhood.

Hope to think twice.

  8. Please ask your mom and dad to enlarge their minds, and don’t make the baby belly infuriate, try to be considerate and tolerate the attitude of others.

. how I wish for a kind father, a kind mother, to form a peaceful and happy home, and the family to live happily.

  9. My parents taught me this and that every day, I think, first of all, they didn’t do it themselves, they set an example by example.

  10. Dad often said that I was fat, and he was in a good mood, and he made a mess.

  11. My mother turned my room while I was in the bathroom, but found nothing. I felt that my mother didn’t trust me at all and did not respect me.

  12. Dad, please do n’t force me to learn something I ‘m not interested in, is n’t it?

  13. I feel that there is only “Don’t” in the world. There is no freedom and no opinion. Everything is arranged by adults. There is no joy in life.

  14, I am very lonely every night, I will be scared, you go home quickly and put 15, “Mom, I am the master of my study, your plan can not be executed 16, my mother scatters me every time I am unhappy, I do n’t want toTalking to her, sometimes, I really want my mother to be gentle.

  17, “I owe a lot of debt to my family recently. I will be frugal. Don’t always say that we have no money and make a wish-Dad makes a lot of money, and we never owe others money again.

“18,” Dad, I don’t want you to smoke and drink all the time, for fear of quarreling, for fear of divorce, because I fear you will hurt each other.

“” Mother will be tired. She is always worried that she will be late for work and she will be fired by her boss.

Dad, come back and see me and mom more.

“19, Dad always said,” After finishing my homework tonight, write a diary first, play the piano later, and then review the materials. Don’t watch TV!

“I’ve been kept at home all day.

  20, Dad always compares me with the children in TV shows, saying that I can’t compare with others, even if the children on TV do something wrong, Dad also says he is good, because he knows what can be changed, so if I do something wrong,I also know how to make corrections. Why don’t you say that I’m okay? 21, my parents told me to do my homework quickly, which made me study very stressfully.

  22, how I want to travel alone like Uta in the text, but my mom can let me take a taxi alone.

  23. I “hate” Dad, “hate” his harshness towards me, “hate” his damage to my self-esteem, and he has caused great damage to my heavy and weak heart.

I do n’t want such a dad, please do n’t say it.

  24. Mom likes to swear, but I don’t like to hear her swear.

  25. When I encounter difficulties and frustrations, what I need is a tolerant and understanding mom, not a hurt mom.

  26. Mom and Dad didn’t investigate the topics I talked about and the games they made.

Sometimes I want to make a model, draw a picture for a while, the next game, they always interfere, they often scare me.

  27. I always feel heartache. Why am I not a child prodigy?

What can I not always be first?