A panacea for getting along well with others

At the party, the topic began to become a bit monotonous, either the boss was domineering, or the subordinates thought that they were right. As a middle-level manager, they were “suffering from the enemy.”

Where is the problem?

We often talk about the recipe for coping with it. It is said that taking a dose can really achieve the effect of curing the disease.

You who are full of concern might as well participate in it, let’s have a brainstorm.

  The first agent: thinking transformation. Ganoderma lucidum. Looking back on the good times of grass-roots positions, we only need to be responsible for our work tasks and complete the tasks. We can get the appreciation of our bosses and the approval of our colleagues.

But when you are in a management position, your vision changes, and your way of thinking and skills also change.

Your eyes are no longer focused on you personally, but instead you should turn to your staff. You should realize how successful your cooperation with your staff is on the one hand to achieve the set goals.

Your work is no longer a specific technical operation, or to effectively guide and monitor your staff to complete the work effectively, so your efficiency is no longer dependent on your work or technical expertise, but yoursCommunication skills.

To become a good manager, you must first become a master of communication.

  Second dose: Trust ginseng soup. As you rise to management positions, do you feel that the interpersonal relationships around you are subtly changing at the same time?

The “iron buddies” of the past suddenly turned against each other, and the “old leaders” of the past no longer gave you a focused look, and began to encounter invisible distortions in their work.

At this time, you should review carefully. Is there any problem in trusting this section?

You need to know that when your position is promoted, the level of benefits and interpersonal sequence changes, people will naturally take a wait-and-see attitude or interfere with the new relationship system, which creates a crisis of trust.

If you want to sing and dance in the management arena, you must learn how to build a reliable trust relationship with your superiors and subordinates in the new environment.

Because only when they feel you are trustworthy will they realize that they are honest with you and will be happy to give you more support.

Trust is formed over a long period of time through exchanges, so you need to pay attention to every detail in your work, and leave a good impression of being practical, honest, tolerant, and fair.

  The third agent: actively listening to bird’s nest porridge. Listening on various communication technologies has replaced most of the time. Think about it. If you do not know the listening skills, your communication situation is really worrying.

Here let’s taste the effective method of active listening: listen attentively, respond to the speaker, nod when expressing direction, and often make a sound of exclamation; don’t interrupt others, don’t follow others’s yet to finishWords; properly eliminate internal and external interference, such as inner thoughts, phone ringing, etc .; make free translations when appropriate; when others have finished speaking, and before you are ready to speak, express your always understanding of others toVerify that you are listening carefully and understanding what others are saying.

Easily master the skills of active listening, and you will immediately find that communication is so simple.

  The fourth agent: effective feedback Tremella fuciformis If your boss is setting up a new set of management policies with great fanfare, and you are just watching one by one; if your subordinates have achieved results in their work, and you just secretly allow,Your management ability will definitely be questioned by everyone.

Absolutely positive or negative feedback, as long as it is used properly in different environments, it can penetrate the role of reinforcement and achieve good practical results.

According to psychologists, “the deepest need of human nature is the desire to be praised.

“So do n’t be sorry for your praise resignation, be quick and decisive, be specific, and express your sincere praise to them sincerely, it can often help you improve work efficiency and improve interpersonal relationships in a short period of time.

  Remember, “85% of your success depends on your skills in interacting with people: how do you clearly understand and get along well with others.