Top 10 blogs look at the market outlook: three major reasons trigger the market at least

Sina Finance News Today, the sector has greatly differentiated. Individual stocks fell more or less. The strong differentiation in the early stage was obvious. The limit stocks began to increase. The fried plate rate began to rise. Farming, liquor, food and beverage, gold and other defense sectors were sought after. In general, the marketHype sentiment has cooled down, and the effect of making money has improved. From the perspective of trading volume, the turnover of the two cities has exceeded 1 trillion.

  Stock sea lighthouse: Shock washing is to impact the 3,000-point energy storage potential. From the analysis of technical indicators alone, the 21-day moving average of the Shanghai stock market (2957 points) has temporarily become a downward trend, which has a downward reaction on the stock index above; the 30-minute chart on the chartThe MACD indicator line and the KDJ indicator line are in a dead fork resonance state, indicating that the short-term adjustment of the broader market still has downward momentum.

Therefore, it is believed that the large-cap stock index has not broken the today’s low point and stepped back to the rebound before the 5-day moving average. In the short-term, do not chase up and increase positions in the market.

  Stock market situation: Consolidation and elimination of differentiation are intended to be better upwards. It can be ground from the market. Most of the varieties that are partially differentiated and adjusted are non-mainstream. They are stimulated by short-term news to follow the trend. These varieties do not increase continuity. Participating funds are good in the short to medium term.Just close it.

The main line varieties will continue to hit new highs in the short term.

It should be reminded that there are many stocks that have continued to rise more than doubled, profitable, and the risk of holding stocks has increased. Investors should pay due attention to the control of local product positions, but they should still be reasonable.

  Gold picker: before the market breaks through or tests the bottom at 2890 points is the best position to lighten up. We can also understand this way. The entanglement of the market now gives us the opportunity to lighten up. If the market tests the support before the breakout, it will definitely fall 2960Nearby, so the position is still heavy to lighten up, after all, breaking through the integer mark needs to start the weight plate, when you also make an index and do not make money.

  Brother Bin watched the market: Is the brokerage firm raising the cover arrangement? The market trend is in an ups and downs market throughout the day. In the end, the diving is accelerating.It is to continue to look for those concepts that make up for the upswing. Northbound funds continue to have a net inflow, and the turnover has once again exceeded one trillion. This shows that in the short term, the market still has a long market structure driven by funds.

  Trend cruising: Three major reasons caused the broader market to replace today. The broad market began to fall. This should be a normal change, rather than the initial series of rises 深圳丝袜会所 in fluctuations. The funds involved in the previous period appeared to be profit-taking; the second is facing 3000 points above the motherboard.The nearby pressures need to be corrected repeatedly to break through. The third is the delivery of futures index this Friday. The short-term orders have recently overlapped, which requires the market to reduce the volatility and reduce it.

However, everyone should note that despite the adjustment of the broader market today, the northbound funds of Shanghai-Hong Kong-Shenzhen Stock Connect have flowed in a large amount, indicating that the trend of foreign investment in A shares has not changed.

  Practical: Will it go lower on Thursday?

  The broader market’s direction is up, and the medium-term direction is good.

From a phased perspective, if the broader market wants to 都市夜网 maintain a phased upswing, it needs to further increase the amount of upswings, otherwise it may gradually form a phased top.

According to Thursday, the broader market still has the possibility of a small shock, and Xiaoyin and Xiaoyang may be closed throughout the day.

In terms of operations, investors mainly based on staged operations hold positions, while paying attention to high selling and low absorption, reducing costs and positions. When the volume is up, you can not lighten up, and face a lot of diving. Investors mainly based on medium and long-term operations,Position.

  Guo Yiming: The drop of 3,000 points was only repeated 8 rare Yangs in the market, and the trading volume approached one trillion again.

After the heavy fall on February 3, the market showed a continuous rebound, during which time it exhibited a rare 8 consecutive years of history.

Behind 8 Lianyang is the massive involvement of the organization and the strong promotion of funds.

And history also shows that after 8 consecutive days, the market’s positive trend has basically appeared.

  Hidden: Recognizing that the space where the trend is clear is continuously rising, the pressure on the high level is increasing, the Shenzhen market index continues to reach new highs, and the profit-taking index has more chips. The Shanghai market index is weaker and has not yet reached a new high.Hesitation, the bears are ready to counterattack, so it is normal for the market to fluctuate repeatedly.

However, the short-term uptrend has come out, and the short-term moving average is still strong. After the shock, it may continue to rise until the short-term moving average weakens.

  Niu Brother: The strong consolidation is only for the initiative to clear the market. The stock market has stabilized for 60 days for three consecutive days, and you can basically confirm the success of the previous V-shaped reversal. Of course, tomorrow is Thursday. If there is a technical change in the broad market tomorrow,Still at the close of the 60-day line, we can 100% confirm that the V-shaped reversal was successful.

Tomorrow is the crucial battle.

  Daily limit: What is the market’s intention to kill the market in late trading?

  The market initially oscillated in early trading, and then oscillated and rebounded, indicating that the market is still a healthy oscillating rhythm, but the broader market index fell again in late trading, indicating that the difference in market capital is significantly different, so if you go, then the market trend for tomorrow is short-termStrength is a bit too critical.