Shanghai Port denied that the sky-high price of 25 million euros cited Ji’an: somehow!False news!
On July 2, Beijing time, following news from the Air Force that Shanghai Shanggang contacted Ghana national team captain Gian via Weibo, today’s domestic professional sports media reported that Shanghai and Hong Kong are very close to signing Ghana national team captain Gian.According to foreign media’s quoted prices in Shanghai, if the final transaction is completed, it will create two records in the football world outside Asia and even Europe-Asia’s first transfer transaction of more than 20 million euros; Asia’s first annual salary of 10 million eurosPlayer.For such news, Shanghai and Hong Kong made it clear that this news is not true.Shanghai said that the high price caused the Ji’an news to be untrue. While Hong Kong said that the club’s rumor was about to sign the news of Ji’an, it also felt inexplicable. Can’t help but ask the author: Is this also a foreign media report?Since the mystery of the Shanghai-Hong Kong side has not surfaced during the second recruitment, the Shanghai-Hong Kong side has been subject to various rumors leaked by foreign media.  Well, regarding the rumors between Shanggang and Ji’an, the first report did come from foreign media. However, after the export was transferred to domestic sales, the news was intensified. Today’s professional sports media reports also wrote: According to foreign mediaThe reported Shanghai Shanghai Port quotation, if the last transaction, will create two records in the football world outside of Asia and even Europe-Ji’an’s transfer fee may be as high as 25 million euros, becoming the first Asian transfer of more than 20 million euros.At the same time, Ji’an’s annual salary will almost double, reaching a sky-high price of 10 million euros after tax. This is also the first player in Asia with an annual salary of 10 million euros.  According to the usual practice, before the registration procedures for the new aid in Shanghai are completed, and even before the second transfer door of the Chinese Super League is closed, various rumors about the new aid in Shanghai will continue to spread.It’s just that the true and false of them all have to wait for the club’s official announcement to confirm.(Little Tiger)