Korean Drama-Women’s Training Course

The whispering whispers, the long warmth, the handsome man and the woman with bright eyes.

The “Korean Drama” on the screen, wrapped in magical “magic”, locked many people’s eyes firmly.

  The audience survey shows that among the loyal audience of “Korean Drama”, female audiences exceed 70%.

“Korean Drama”, which is constantly creating miracles, has earned women’s sympathy and tears.

  Why is “Korean Drama” so attractive to women?

In fact, “Korean Drama” is about ordinary family stories. Between husband and wife, between father and son, between mother-in-law and mother-in-law, there are some small things in the parents and mother-in-law.

The ubiquitous warmth, romance, and innocence of friendship in the script are exactly the reasons that attract the emotional female audience.

  Several articles about “Korean drama” published today in this edition are also the same among the parents, mother-in-law and mother-in-law, but the inspiration it gives us is intriguing.

——— The editor “Miss Mermaid” has made me gentle. READER: Xiao Lingling, 26 years old. Since the civil servants have blown up the “Han Feng” on the TV screen, none of the female colleagues in the office have a crush on “Korean drama”.The love story of the hero and heroine in the play goes up and down, and some even learn to make kimchi and cold noodles with the plot.

  As soon as “Mermaid” was broadcast, I was immediately attracted by the intelligent and beautiful heroine Ya Liying.

What she admires most is that she is as strong as iron, but she is always charming and feminine.

Thinking about how often I feel lost for my husband after marriage, and do not understand romance, quoting with Ya Liying, I suddenly realized that I had a lot of problems.

For example, I always take the tough way of professional women home, call on her husband, talk and do things that cause women to be gentle and considerate.

In a sense, Ya Liying gave me a new understanding of myself. I began to pay attention to the details of family life and consciously change my words and behaviors.

  Once my husband accompany the customer for entertainment, only to return drunk in the middle of the night.

If it had been before, I would have scolded him and rushed him to the room to sleep.

But that day, I did not blame him, and I used a hangover method learned from “Korean Drama” to give him a glass of “honey water”.

After waking up, my husband saw that I took care of him so carefully, but he was embarrassed.

I told him softly: “Everything you do is to make our lives better, but if I want to pay for my health, I can solve it, and it’s not cost-effective.

“My husband patted my hand gently, and said it again and again.

  Her husband had no interest in Korean dramas, but since drinking that glass of “honey water”, she has also become a “fan” of “Mermaid”.

One day, her husband, who has always been unscrupulous, lamented: Korean stars are really particular about you. Look at them. No matter whether they are men or women, their hair is combed without any clutter and there is no wrinkle on their clothes.

I took the opportunity to say to him: “If you pay attention to the meter like they do, it will make others feel that you are clean and sharp, and you will become more confident!

“My husband listened to me thoughtfully, but later he really paid attention to grooming himself.

  ”Read and See” Sister Intimate Readers: Yi Yunyan, 28 years old, the teacher rushed in on the day of the teacher, carrying four large boxes of DVDs in her arms and shouting, “”See, you and I share.

“My little sister’s husband has gone abroad, and his son is fully entrusted. He is bored, and she comes to haunt me.

  But I did not expect that the first time I watched “Korean Drama”, it made me want to stop.

The gold and silver beads in “Look and See” are a pair of sisters who care for each other and rely on jealousy and recognition.

There are too many similar plots in the play, which reminds me of the years I spent with the little girl.

  When we were young, we were bullied by boys, we would wave our fists and stand up for each other; but we would also fight for beautiful little flower skirts and cute ragdolls.

In school, the two of us also competed well and secretly, just want to surpass each other.

When he grows up, his fate seems to be particularly favored by the younger sister. The younger sister has a good job and marries a “golden turtle”.

Especially my mother’s partiality towards the younger sister made me gradually dissatisfied, and the long sleeves alienated the younger sister.

  At that time, watching dishes became a compulsory course for me and my little sister every day.

The child was taken care of at the grandmother’s house. My husband was too busy studying the thesis. I did n’t have time to grab the TV with me. I had enough time to watch this one-hundred episode “Korean Drama”.

The little girl just rushed to my house after work. After dinner, we were buried in the sofa and felt the sadness and joy of the pair of sisters and sisters.

We comment on the characters in the play, speculate on the development of the plot, pay attention to the fate of Jin Zhu and Yin Zhu, and transform endlessly for their happiness.

The two laughed and shed tears from time to time, letting the story of joy and anger diminish and fall.Late at night, my little girl and I often got into a quilt, biting their ears like gold beads and silver beads, causing their dreams and causing their own troubles.

In the play, Jin Zhu and Yin Zhu both ushered in their own happy lives. The perfect ending that everyone hoped for made me and my sister feel a lot.

It turned out that the brotherly relationship between the sisters also requires too much tolerance, understanding and dedication . unknowingly, through the comparison with the Jinzhu and Yinzhu sisters, we began to reflect on ourselves.

“Looking and seeing” taught us tolerance and understanding, and the sisters’ hearts quietly closed again.

  ”Eunun” taught me to understand the “Strange Old Man” readme: Shen Huimin, 24, a company employee father-in-law graduated from the Chinese department of a prestigious school in the early 1960s.

On the podium, he is a good teacher of Bo Gutong Jin in the minds of students, but in my eyes, he is a “strange old man”.

When I first got married, every time I saw my father-in-law, I would always be greeted with a sweet smile, but he was always treated as innocent by him.

It was later learned that the father-in-law was weird in this way.

  Because I especially like to watch “Korean Drama” “What is Love”, I fell in love with the smart and playful heroine Zhi En.

Coincidentally, Zhien’s father-in-law, President Li, was too similar to my father-in-law.

President Li is a strange old man who, despite being rich, still lives in a simple old house, watching a small black and white TV.

To show his affection, his in-laws added a big color TV to Zhien’s dowry.

Zhien’s mother-in-law was happy, but her father-in-law didn’t appreciate it, saying that it was a luxury and a waste. He gave the TV to the nursing home the next day.

Zhien’s mother was very angry when she knew it, and she said to her silently that her father-in-law was a person who did not understand etiquette.

I also think so, but I was very surprised by her answer.

Zhien said that the father-in-law’s replacement of the big color TV home for the elderly is to give his own enjoyment to the elderly who need more care.

  It is very reasonable to think carefully about the words of Zhi En, reminding me of the year of SARS, when a public official took a group of students to practice in Guangdong.

In order to help students fight for benefits from the factory, he spent all his money and delayed the time to return to school. As a result, the school guards relentlessly blocked the father-in-law who was driven back from the “hardest hit area” late at night to the iron.Outside, let him blow the cold wind all night on the street.

Later, I advised him not to be too enthusiastic about the students’ affairs, but my father-in-law gave me a cruel meal.

Compared with Zhien, I can’t help but feel blushed for my selfishness and narrowness. How can I not see the problem from the perspective of father-in-law like Zhien?

  There is such a plot in the TV series: The family members found that Zhi En had a problem talking at night, and usually did not laugh at all. The father-in-law who tried to get the medicine was handed over to his wife and ordered her to boil to Zhi En.

I suddenly remembered that when I was confinement, one day the public bus gave me a book on maternal health and diet, and I let it go at that time.

Looking back now, my heart is warm and guilty. Although my father-in-law doesn’t say hello to me, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about me!

  I went back to my mother-in-law’s home this time, and I heard her mother-in-law disappointed her father-in-law: “Everything in the family doesn’t matter, but I go outside to volunteer to sweep the road all day and do something that is not good.

“I explained to my father-in-law with a smile:” Mom, let’s be a dad exercising. ”

“When we left, we were seeing the” Strange Old Man “waving the broom vigorously, and we said goodbye as usual without saying hello.

  I like to watch “Korean Drama”. In addition to because it truly shows the lives of ordinary people, I also like the culture of the Confucian Medical School that has a profound resonance with us. I watched and learned, and I re-understandThe pricelessness of family affection.

Thank you for knowing her. She made me understand that it is not important that my father-in-law and me say hello. What is important is that we are a family who can understand and care for each other.