TCM treatment of premenstrual breast pain

Many women have experienced breast tenderness before menstruation, but often suffer from this condition and do not go to the doctor, because it is considered to be a minor problem and is not taken seriously. As a result, the condition is repeatedly mistaken.

Experts introduce: breast tenderness occurs too early before menstruation, breast tenderness occurs after clean menstruation or after ovulation, and it will be painful when wearing underwear or touching. This phenomenon is pathological and is prone to gynecological diseases such as infertility andBreast tumors, etc.

Premenstrual breast tenderness is an early and important signal for gynecological diseases.

  Strictly speaking, female breasts are part of the reproductive system and are greatly affected by estrogen and progestin.

If the body’s internal secretion system or ovarian function is disturbed at a certain stage, it will affect the menstrual cycle and breast tissue, resulting in displacement. The most common and mildest symptom is premenstrual breast swelling.

If the necessary conditioning or treatment is not given, there will be more discomforts, such as: premenstrual headache, irritability, insomnia, and even premenstrual pain, mild swelling, etc.

These symptoms gradually disappear after menstruation, once a month, recurring, medically known as premenstrual tension syndrome.

Over time, breast disease will be formed. The most common is breast hyperplasia. Menstruation may also be disordered due to menstrual disorders or amenorrhea, which may lead to infertility.

  Traditional Chinese medicine has long known about this disease, and believes that women’s breast cancer pain before menstruation is related to liver and kidney disorders, qi stagnation, blood stasis and other factors. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the breast is managed by the stomach and the nipples are treated by the liver.

Therefore, all breast cancer diseases or dysplasia or breast cancer atrophy are treated from the liver and stomach. According to different conditions, the right medicine will often get good results.

The treatment of this disease is classified as follows: (1), liver stagnation and qi stagnation: most of these women have a history of emotional distress or excessive pressure on life, in addition to breast nipple pain can not touch, with irritability, chest tightness,Rib pain, irritability, nausea, swelling pain on both sides of the lower abdomen, black blood clots in menstrual clips, uncoordinated sexual life, long dark spots, etc.

Treatment should be to regulate liver and qi, and stomach, commonly used medicines are black medicine, turmeric, bergamot, peony, green peel, atractylodes, malt, Lulutong and so on.

  (B), liver stagnation and wet spleen: common symptoms include premenstrual breast tenderness, tenderness, lower abdominal pain with falling sensation, poor appetite, weak limbs, easy diarrhea, more leucorrhea, lighter menstrual flow, etc., The treatment should be spleen, dampness and qi, and commonly used medicines are Poria, Atractylodes, Coix Seed, Magnolia, Chuanxiongzi, Hehuapi.

  (C), liver and kidney yin deficiency: In addition to mild swelling and pain, these women often get hot, restless sleep, headache, dizziness, hot hands and feet, red lips, easy to rupture lips, weak body, not fat, backache, kneesInability to wait.

Treatment of Yizi kidney and liver, commonly used medicines are A. ginseng, Ophiopogon japonicum, habitat, Chuanxiongzi, Xiangfu, Baiji, Danshen, Zelan and so on.

  The treatment of this disease should be persistent. The golden order of medication is to start medication during premenstrual breast swelling, until the menstrual pain disappears. In this way, most of the breast tenderness will be cured after the three menstrual cycles are adjusted.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to taking medicine, breast cancer pain is more important to maintain optimism, avoid anger or sullen, usually exercise more and participate in appropriate social activities, eat less salt and spicy stimulation a week before menstruationDiet, talk about scientific diet, abstain from reaching higher levels of high-grade food, replace light, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, women who can insert complications to relieve pain, and can use low-fat replacement to relieve premenstrual breast pain,In this way, the highest effect can be achieved with medication.