Psychological master “Bai Mai” college entrance examination syndrome

Stomp your feet, grit your teeth, or clenched your fists and tell yourself: I will succeed.
Before entering the examination room, candidates with nervousness can ease their panic through a series of small movements.
Dr. Shi Yizheng, director of the clinical psychology department of Ruijin Hospital, told the candidates who came to consult yesterday when answering the “College Entrance Examination Hotline” of the newspaper: After curling down in the college entrance examination, the most important thing is to take a few deep breaths in a row to let yourself into a relaxed state.
  There is still a full week before the college entrance examination. Many candidates have been so nervous that they cannot read books, ca n’t eat, ca n’t sleep, and even call candidates to say that they often have abnormal conditions such as flustering, blushing, and nausea.
Dr. Shi said that these are typical manifestations of pre-examination syndrome.
  Dr. Shi said that every candidate will have such a situation, but the response will be different in different candidates, some candidates will speak, some candidates will show in action, and some candidates may only be nervousPressed in the bottom of my heart.
When these situations occur, the most important thing is to actively adjust your own mentality. Dr. Shi said that the college entrance examination should not be taken too seriously. For the candidates, the college entrance examination is just an exercise to test the usual efforts.
  最后几天可以玩   在高考前的最后一个星期,作为考生,所要做的无非是调整好心态,强化一下平时的薄弱环节,史医生认为,考前复习重质而不应该重量:“考生不应该Then force myself to read as many books and make as many mock papers as possible, and have an efficient review plan.
“According to psychological and mental acceptance, Dr. Shi suggested that candidates take up to 45 minutes to read books per hour, and the rest of the time can watch TV, listen to music, and even go shopping.
  If the candidate is inefficient in reviewing, she even suggests that the candidate be open-hearted and go out to play, “If there is only one hour in the morning to read the book, then you can make the most of the hour, and the rest of the time you go to play or sleep, don’tRebuke yourself in your heart. ”
Before the test, the most obvious reactions were panic, sweating, nightmares, and cranky thoughts. For this situation, Dr. Shi said that if he cannot adjust himself properly, candidates should talk to a psychiatrist in a large hospital, orRely on a small amount of medication to aid adjustment.
  试卷发下后连做深呼吸   不少考生比较担心自己拿到试卷以后“脑子一片空白”、“手脚冰凉”,对于这种情况,史医生教给考生非常简单的应付方法:拿到试卷后不要急Looking at the question, first close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. It takes about 2 minutes to calm down the heartbeat of “怦怦”, and then open the test paper to answer the question carefully.