Dietary treatment of uterine fibroids

In the treatment of uterine fibroids, it is necessary to eliminate tumors without forgetting hemostasis, stop bleeding and forgetting tumors, and take into account the conditioning of ovarian function.

Medication should not be severely attacked, so as not to damage the vitality.

In addition, the following Chinese medicine diets are helpful for health care and can prevent uterine fibroids: 1.

Anti-tumor eggs: 2 eggs, 5 Chinese geckos, 9 grams of zedoary turmeric, and boiled with 400 grams of water. Peel and cook after the eggs are cooked.

  Efficacy: Sanjie analgesic, Qufeng will be shocked.

Suitable for Qi stagnation and blood stasis type.


Two fresh soups: 120 grams of fresh coriander slices, 120 grams of fresh grass root, chopped, boiled juice for tea.

  Efficacy: nourishing Yin and cooling blood, removing stasis and bleeding.

Suitable for more menstrual flow, blood heat stagnation type.


Tremella powder soup: 25 grams of white fungus powder, 10 grams of powdered rice powder, the right amount of rock sugar, add the right amount of rock sugar to stew the white fungus after foaming, and pour it into the powder.

  Efficacy: It has the effect of clearing heat, moistening dryness and stopping bleeding.

Suitable for menstrual flow, red blood.

  Other considerations for the diet of uterine fibroids: 1.

The diet should be light. Do not eat mutton, shrimp, crab, eel, salted fish, black fish and other hair products.


Avoid chili, hemp pepper, raw onion, raw garlic, white wine and other irritating foods and drinks.


Fasting foods such as longan, red dates, Ejiao, royal jelly and other foods that are hot, coagulant and contain hormones.


Eat lean meat, chicken, eggs, quail eggs, anchovies, turtles, white fish, cabbage, asparagus, celery, spinach, cucumber, winter melon, shiitake, tofu, kelp, laver, fruits, etc.

  Uterine fibroids need to eat more seaweed foods: seaweed foods include: seaweed, laver, kelp, sea cabbage, wakame, etc., seaweed contains minerals up to calcium, iron, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine and so on.

Modern science believes that regular consumption of seaweed food can effectively regulate blood pH and prevent alkaline elements (calcium, zinc) from being consumed in the body due to acid neutralization.

  Due to physiological reasons, women often cause iron deficiency anemia, and eating more seaweed can effectively supplement iron.

Experts believe that iodine deficiency can cause goiter, which will cause thyroid cancer, thyroid cancer, cervical cancer, cervical cancer, uterine fibroids, etc. Therefore, it is recommended that women supplement iodine in time and eat more seaweed food.

  Seaweed food contains protein, is scarce, and has a unique weight loss effect.

In addition, seaweed is rich in methionine and amine amino acid.

Hair, especially female hair, becomes brittle, split off, and loses luster if it lacks the above two amino acid amounts.

Therefore, regular consumption of seaweed food can also make dry skin shiny and oily skin improve oil secretion.

Seaweed is rich in vitamins, which can maintain the healthy growth of epithelial tissue and reduce pigment spots.

In addition, seaweed can selectively remove heavy metal carcinogens such as mercury, cadmium, and lead.